Galla10 Alliance for Pathways

About Us

       GAP - Gallatin Alliance for Pathways - is an all-volunteer non-profit organization working to establish paved, safe, and scenic bicycle/pedestrian pathways around the Gallatin Valley separated from corridors of busy automobile traffic.  Our immediate aim is to complete a pathway along the north side of Frontage Road between North 7th Avenue (Cherry River Fishing Access Site) and the Valley Center Spur, allowing cyclists and other non-motorized users to enjoy travel between Bozeman or the “M” all the way west out to Jackrabbit Lane and beyond. 

       Bozeman community leaders have been advocating for the Frontage Pathway for more than 30 years motivated by the dream of seeing a safe route for bicycles along what has long been a dangerous stretch of roadway.  Having to ride just inches from cars and trucks whizzing by at highway speeds has already resulted in multiple fatalities.  Now, at long last, we are poised to fix the problem.

By building just two relatively short half-mile segments of paved separated pathway, GAP will create a pleasant means of non-motorized travel at a safe distance from Frontage Road and add a crucial and long overdue link to the valley’s existing network of trails.   

Partial funding has recently been secured through a grant from the City of Bozeman, thereby making the Frontage Pathway an official priority of local government.  

We are at last moving forward.  And we need your help.  If you are willing to serve on our Board, a committee, or want to offer technical skills please let us know!