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Galla10 Alliance for Pathways

Q:  Where is the path going to start?
A:  Phase One of the path (orange dashed line below) will start on Valley Center Spur and cross into the Nelson Meadows Subdivision and move eastward towards Springhill along Bozeman City property.  We owe a great big thank you to Barnard Construction for listening to our needs and pushing forward with this path. 

Q:  Tell us about Phase Two.
A:  Phase Two (blue dashed line) at this time is planned to travel eastward from Springhill using Campbell Road to Reeves Road and then a short distance on MDT and Montana Rail Link easement to the Cherry River Fishing Access.  At that point pedestrians and cyclists can access the Main Street to the Mountains System.  Cost has not been determined at this time.

Once Phase One and Two are connected Cyclists can travel all the way from Bozeman to Jackrabbit via Valley Center.  This of course is not the most direct route to Belgrade, so Phase 3 and 4 are in the planning stages now.

Q: Can Phase One and Two be done together? What will it accomplish?

A:  Yes!  Currently, we are applying to the City for Trails, Open Space and Parks funds to build these two sections of the pathway.  Once completed they will link together Mainstreet to the Mountains trails and the M all the way to Valley Center Pathway, the Triangle, and Jackrabbit Road.  That's over 100 miles of safer riding and walking.

Q:  Tell us about Phase Three and Four.

A:  The City of Belgrade is in the process of annexing large portions of the Cook properties that are to the east of Mountain View Subdivision.  This will allow for a large portion of the path to be located on private land.  The construction that is taking place now in front of Mountain View only allows for the shoulder to be used as non-motorized travel.  This could change in the future if enough funds are raised.  Other portions of the road are being assessed for right-of-way purchase.

Q:  What is the BUILD Planning Grant Application?
A:  Gallatin County is submitting an application in partnership with GAP to receive $150,000 funding for the planning of the path.  This is part of the BUILD program under the Department of Transportation.  GAP is raising the money to pay for the writing of the grant.  UPDATE:  The Federal Government decided last year not to award any planning grants anywhere in the Nation.

Q:  How many miles of pathways are in the state of Montana?

A:  The Montana Department of Transportation has 180 miles (total) of separated paths within their right-of-way’s.  140 miles of those are in District 1 (Missoula/Kalispell).  And the bulk of these paths were/are payed for by the MDT.

Q:  Who are the groups that so far support this path?

A:  Bozeman and Gallatin County Pedestrian Traffic Safety Committee (PTS), Gallatin Valley Land Trust (GVLT); Bozeman Area Bicycle Advisory Board (BABAB), Citizens for a Safer Bozeman and Gallatin County; Collin's Coalition; Bozeman Area Transportation Coordination Committee (TCC); Belgrade City/County Planning Board; Bozeman Recreation and Parks Advisory Board (RPAB). 

Q:  How much will the path cost?
A:   Phase One (from Valley Center Spur eastward to Springhill/19th) will cost an estimated $150,000.  We hope that the majority of those funds will come from TOP funding.  They require that match money be provided, so raising as much funding as we can is a must.

Q:  How can I support this project?

A:  If you simply want email notifications of our progress, then sign up on the contact page.  If you would like to be more involved, then send us a message on the contact page.  Your name will be added to our mailing list and we will keep you appraised as to what is going on and how you can help.  We will not share your personal information with anyone and will keep communications to a minimum.

Q:  Who will pay for the path?
A:  Funds allocated by the Federal Department of Transportation to the State of Montana from gas tax will help to pay for the path along with other forms of private and government funding.  We have a team of experts standing by that will help to write grant requests as soon as our government gives us the go ahead. Federal and State Transportation money will also likely be used – but hopefully not money that came from property or income tax. The County (and taxpayers) may have to agree to future maintenance (just like on any other road way). And many user groups and private individuals are prepared to step up to help to off set those costs.

Q:  We have heard that this path may delay what is called the Slope-Flattening project. 

A:  We have no desire to delay or take funds away from any proposed transportation project that will save lives. We simply have asked that an open dialogue with our government to discuss ideas, right of way and design take place now and start with the Belgrade Slope-flattening project rather than at some future date.

Q:  Where will the path be?
A:  Due to railroad restrictions it will most likely be on the north side of Frontage Road, starting in safe segments and will eventually connect Bozeman and Belgrade along Frontage Road.  Hopefully in the future, it will connect all the way to Three Forks.

Q:  What will it look like?
A:  You will get a chance to influence those details.  Please feel free to contact us with your ideas.  And if you give us your contact information, we will notify you during the public comment process.
Q:  How long will it take to build it?
A:  This could be a lengthy process and be years before it is completed.  But with public support it could be built much faster.  We already have commitments from several large land owners.

Q:  How can I help?
A:  Contact us on the Contact Page and let us know your interests and ideas.  Eventually, we will need funding and volunteers for upkeep.  And be sure and ask your friends to sign up.

Q:  Can I donate?
A:  Absolutely!  We are now a 501(c)(3) allowing us to accept donations without taxation.  Please use the Contact Page to let us know you are interested. 

Q:  How will this benefit everyone in our communities if some people don’t even use it?
A:  You don’t need to be a user to benefit.  Thirty percent of any community does not drive motor vehicles for various reasons and needs other means to commute to jobs and school.   Tourism will increase.  Property values will increase.  As safety increases, insurance rates will go down.  Local businesses will have an increase in traffic.  Businesses considering moving to these communities will be looking for such amenities for their employees.  A community of healthy people that exercise will reduce medical and insurance costs.  Recreational users and families will have a fun place to ride, walk, and run.   We all win!

Q:  I would like to be informed as to how the project is proceeding.  Can you add me to an email list?

A:  Sure, and your information will remain private.  You will receive updates from frontagepathway@gmail.com on the Pathway.

Q:  Who is Mary?
A:  Mary Vant Hull was an amazing woman and public servant that always swore she must have been born as a bike because she loved it so much.  For over 30 years she worked on getting a path along Frontage Road between Bozeman and Belgrade.  She died Jan 2, 2017 and her greatest wish was for the people of Gallatin Valley to come together and finish making the pathway a reality.